Apart of the project designing and implementing architectual solutions "Urbanpro inženjering", is in the Belgrade area real estate market as well. Services we provide in real estate market could be divided into several categories, with satisfying the seller and the buyer as their main function.

Therfore the real estate market activity could be derived to:

free realties assessment
free realties marketing
resolving the legal issues with full legal assurance
forming complete documenation needed
selling realties
buying realties
architect advices
adapting and designing interior

"Urbanpro inženjering" divides realties in three groups, depending on size, and each group to three categories depending on quality:

1. SMALL APARTMENTS- up to 40 sq.m

2. MEDIUM APARTMENTS - 40 - 60 sq.m

3. LARGE APARTMENTS - 70 - 150 sq.m and more)

Category A - apartments in very good condition, with no additional investments, placed among 1st and 3rd floor.

Category B - apartments in good condition, placed above the 4th floor or higher, and apartments with small additional investments (painting, parquetry, ceramics etc.)

Category C - basements, groundfloors, neglected apartments, damaged and moist, as well the apartments with larger investments required.

There is a special group, consisting of luxurious apartments, houses and business premises. Realties in this group are of flawless quality, therefore their price is formed individualy.


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